Why Accessible Home Solutions?

Reasons to Choose Us


We are uniquely qualified through our combined knowledge and experience in both healthcare and home construction. Our extensive home assessment process focuses on both the client’s abilities and the home environment so that recommended design changes will provide the most functional, safe, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective solutions for independence now and in the future.

Focused on You

Our service is strictly focused on you and your needs. We do not sell specialty products or building/remodeling services. Our comprehensive and thorough on-site assessment process ensures that the recommended home modifications will address your unique needs now and in the future, so that you can live your best life right where you want to be…in your own home!

Cost Effective

We can save you money by providing specific design and installation recommendations that meet your unique needs rather than you spending money on generic solutions from a checklist that may not work for you or your home. Since some “solutions” may even increase safety risks if not properly designed or installed, expert advice and assistance are essential.

Work With Us

So, why not work with a company that is qualified, focused on you, and cost effective? Choose Accessible Home Solutions when you need to reconsider the layout and function of your home. Our evaluation process will help to identify areas that may need adjustment to be in line with factors related to age or ability. Call today to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one feel more comfortable while at home. 

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