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Elderly Home Assessment Services in Buffalo, NY

Learn more about what Accessible Home Solutions, LLC can do for you. Be sure to use our online contact form or call today to schedule a comprehensive elderly home assessment, so we can begin making your life at home much more comfortable and convenient. Our elderly home assessment services are provided to the greater Buffalo, NY area. 

Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists

A professional home evaluation provides a thorough understanding of the unique functional needs of our clients and identifies those areas or design features within the home that may reduce safety, comfort and independence. We recommend and provide cost-effective solutions that meet the unique needs of you, your family or caregivers and that allow you to live your best life at home today and in the future. Our certified aging-in-place specialists can help you find just what you need to make your life at home more comfortable!


Recommended home modifications made following a home assessment can provide an immediate increase in the level of independence and ease-of-use throughout your home.


A comprehensive home assessment will help to increase your level of safety by identifying specific areas or design features in your home that may hinder your daily activities or increase the risk of falling.


You can save money by living safely, comfortably and independently at home. The cost of the most recommended home modifications is far less than the average cost of one year of care in an assisted living community or nursing home.

10 signs that may indicate someone would benefit from a home evaluation:

  1. Difficulty with walking, balance or moving about the home
  2. Trouble getting up from a seated position, or out of bed
  3. Occurrence of a fall or near fall
  4. Unexplained bruising
  5. Less frequent bathing or showering

  1. Lapses in house cleaning, doing laundry or yard work
  2. Reduced interest in food or meal preparation
  3. Loss of interest in hobbies and activities
  4. Forgetting to take medications, or taking incorrect dosage of prescribed medication.
  5. Severe injury or Hospitalization

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